Meritus Foundation

Academic Economy that rewards students and teachers for their performance. We call this system L&E (Learn and Earn).

The Problem

Education is key. However, nowadays, the academic environment is unstable, students must rely on their parents, part-time jobs, or scholarships. Nonetheless, most students fall into debt.

The Idea

We understand that the Economic costs affiliated with education can be an obstacle for many. Thus, we want to reduce the magnitude of this obstacle, and allow students to focus more in their studies and less time worrying about their financial situation.

The solution

We offer a new academic environment that solves deficiencies from the present system, adopting a protocol to measure student and teacher performance and reward them proportionally, with Cardano native tokens. A smart contract under the Cardano Blockchain will have an interactive interface for universities, teachers, and students, and will also include a digital wallet.